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Week 4: Happy Anniversary! 05/12/2010

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Happy Anniversary! Yes indeed, it has been 4 years now since I’ve started playing FFXI and I have a nice Dinner Suit to show for it. I’ve come a long way these past 4 years. Yet after leveling two job to 75 with a third one on the way, I feel I’ve only scratched the surface. Part of the anniversary event in FFXI tells you all your statistics. For example, how many times you’ve died, how many times you’ve talked, etc. When I compared my statistics to that of my friends mine paled in comparison. I don’t know whether to feel pathetic or relieved by this.

On the one hand, that means I haven’t accomplished as much as they have. On the other it means I’ve spent my time more in the real world doing God knows what.  I will say though the relationships and fun I have had over these years has been invaluable. Chewzer’s Ventrilo community that he’s created has made communicating and my FFXI experience much more enriched. That’s all there is to say really. I’m grateful for all the good times. I laugh at all the bad times. I’m hoping to create even better moments in the future with this family that I’ve found in the online world.


Week 3 – When it gets boring 05/05/2010

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This was my highlight for the week. After waiting a few years for these I finally obtained a pair of Homam Gambieras. Ever since this though things have been getting somewhat stagnant lately. Mostly it’s due to trying to level Blue Mage.

I knew that it was going to be difficult due it’s unpopularity in parties, but good grief this is ridiculous. I’ve gotten to the point where I would set a stopwatch to see how long it would take to get an invite. Usually I get to the point to where I wait so long the stopwatch starts telling me to give up.

Because of this, I’ve had to resort to soloing much of my experience points. On one hand it’s a nice change of pace from the monotonous grind I’m used to in parties. On the other hand, it’s slow xp and eventually becomes a monotonous grind. Ironic isn’t it?

So, this slow pacing has got me into a boorish mood and I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to spice things up. Allow me to clarify my meaning. I’ve been playing FFXI since 2006 and the game presents little challenge anymore outside of the big monsters.

Go kill big monsters then! Sound logic in theory, in practice it’s more drama than you think it is. To take down the big monsters you need a big group. Which entails sending an application, appropriating certain hours of your day to sit down and play, and dedicate yourself enough to the group to earn a drop. It’s almost like a second job.

My group that I run with is small, but we laugh together and are skilled enough to take down most things. This is fine for 85% of the game, but my problem is I’ve been there, done that, got a t-shirt, and regurgitated it over and over again. It’s time to do bigger and better things.

Thank God Chewzer agrees with me and wants to do the same. Chewzer wants to start Auriga Linkshell up again to do these very things. All I can say is God speed to you Chewzer, and May the 4th be with you.

Week 2 – The Importance of Parsing 04/28/2010

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Damage Summary
Player               Total Dmg   Damage %   Melee Dmg   Range Dmg   Abil. Dmg  WSkill Dmg   Spell Dmg  Other Dmg
Dynas                    52945    29.51 %       29886           0           0       20817           0       2242
Lago                      9048     5.04 %        5120           0           0         720        3208          0
Masamune                 20053    11.18 %       13655           0          42        5082        1274          0
Samhain                  38590    21.51 %       20736           0         105       17749           0          0
Shurikenger              52305    29.16 %       12197           0           0        1618       38490          0
SC: Darkness              1210     0.67 %           0           0           0           0           0          0
SC: Detonation            1165     0.65 %           0           0           0           0           0          0
SC: Fragmentation         3268     1.82 %           0           0           0           0           0          0
SC: Impaction              137     0.08 %           0           0           0           0           0          0
SC: Transfixion            673     0.38 %           0           0           0           0           0          0
Total                   179394   100.00 %       81594           0         147       45986       42972       2242

Melee Damage
Player            Melee Dmg   Melee %   Hit/Miss   M.Acc %  M.Low/Hi    M.Avg  #Crit  C.Low/Hi   C.Avg     Crit%
Dynas                 29886   56.45 %      144/8   94.74 %    18/388   176.36     38    58/592  294.53   26.39 %
Lago                   5120   56.59 %     122/23   84.14 %      0/86    37.26      9    82/126  101.11    7.38 %
Masamune              13655   68.09 %       52/7   88.14 %    44/426   242.51      3   546/620  590.67    5.77 %
Samhain               20736   53.73 %     328/47   87.47 %     0/130    55.31     35     0/216  129.46   10.67 %
Shurikenger           12197   23.32 %     272/21   92.83 %     0/156    41.99     29     0/234   68.72   10.66 %

Other Physical Damage  (Counterattacks and Retaliations)
Player            CA.Dmg  CA.Hit/Miss  CA.Low/Hi  CA.Avg   Ret.Dmg  Ret.Hit/Miss  Ret.Low/Hi  Ret.Avg
Dynas                  0          0/0        0/0    0.00      2242           9/0     180/312   249.11

Weaponskill Damage
Player                 WSkill Dmg   WSkill %  Hit/Miss   WS.Acc %   WS.Low/Hi   WS.Avg
Dynas                       20817    39.32 %      16/0   100.00 %    305/3370  1301.06
 - King's Justice            1768     8.49 %       2/0   100.00 %    572/1196   884.00
 - Penta Thrust             10536    50.61 %       8/0   100.00 %    336/2406  1317.00
 - Raging Rush               7303    35.08 %       5/0   100.00 %    305/3370  1460.60
 - Steel Cyclone             1210     5.81 %       1/0   100.00 %   1210/1210  1210.00
Lago                          720     7.96 %       3/0   100.00 %       0/432   240.00
 - Death Blossom                0     0.00 %       1/0   100.00 %         0/0     0.00
 - Spirits Within             720   100.00 %       2/0   100.00 %     288/432   360.00
Masamune                     5082    25.34 %       5/0   100.00 %    190/2276  1016.40
 - Guillotine                5082   100.00 %       5/0   100.00 %    190/2276  1016.40
Samhain                     17749    45.99 %      19/0   100.00 %    204/1928   934.16
 - Combo                     1500     8.45 %       4/0   100.00 %     300/528   375.00
 - Dancing Edge             12151    68.46 %      11/0   100.00 %    204/1928  1104.64
 - Evisceration              3180    17.92 %       3/0   100.00 %    392/1602  1060.00
 - Pyrrhic Kleos              918     5.17 %       1/0   100.00 %     918/918   918.00
Shurikenger                  1618     3.09 %       2/0   100.00 %    550/1068   809.00
 - Vorpal Blade              1618   100.00 %       2/0   100.00 %    550/1068   809.00

Ability Damage
Player                  Abil. Dmg    Abil. %  Hit/Miss    A.Acc %    A.Low/Hi    A.Avg
Masamune                       42     0.21 %       1/0   100.00 %       42/42    42.00
 - Weapon Bash                 42   100.00 %       1/0   100.00 %       42/42    42.00
Samhain                       105     0.27 %       4/0   100.00 %        0/60    26.25
 - Violent Flourish           105   100.00 %       4/0   100.00 %        0/60    26.25

Spell Damage
Player                  Spell Dmg   Spell %  #Spells  #Fail  S.Low/Hi     S.Avg  #MBurst  MB.Low/Hi   MB.Avg
Lago                         3208   35.46 %       13      0     3/635    246.77        0        0/0     0.00
 - Blizzard III              2504   78.05 %        4      0   617/635    626.00        0        0/0     0.00
 - Dia II                      37    1.15 %        7      0       3/7      5.29        0        0/0     0.00
 - Thunder III                667   20.79 %        2      0   115/552    333.50        0        0/0     0.00
Masamune                     1274    6.35 %        7      0    53/395    182.00        0        0/0     0.00
 - Bio II                     124    9.73 %        2      0     62/62     62.00        0        0/0     0.00
 - Drain                      176   13.81 %        2      0    53/123     88.00        0        0/0     0.00
 - Drain II                   974   76.45 %        3      0   287/395    324.67        0        0/0     0.00
Shurikenger                 38490   73.59 %       91      0    0/1964    422.97        0        0/0     0.00
 - Disseverment              9316   24.20 %       11      0    0/1674    846.91        0        0/0     0.00
 - Frenetic Rip             17098   44.42 %       17      0  618/1876   1005.76        0        0/0     0.00
 - Head Butt                 6537   16.98 %       55      0     0/236    118.85        0        0/0     0.00
 - Heat Breath               2812    7.31 %        4      0   644/880    703.00        0        0/0     0.00
 - Magic Hammer               275    0.71 %        2      0    88/187    137.50        0        0/0     0.00
 - Vertical Cleave           2452    6.37 %        2      0  488/1964   1226.00        0        0/0     0.00

Skillchain Damage
Skillchain          SC Dmg  # SC  SC.Low/Hi  SC.Avg
SC: Darkness          1210     1  1210/1210 1210.00
SC: Detonation        1165     2    347/818  582.50
SC: Fragmentation     3268     2  1246/2022 1634.00
SC: Impaction          137     1    137/137  137.00
SC: Reverberation        0     1        0/0    0.00
SC: Transfixion        673     2     73/600  336.50

Above  is a copy of a parse I recently took for our last linkshell (group/guild) event. You may notice things such as accuracy and total percent damage among other things. How are these statistics relevant to playing a video game though? It all has to do with maximizing yourself for any given situation. Usually the whole point of a certain event is to kill something as fast you can. The faster you can kill it the more efficiently you can utilize your time, and the easier the event becomes.

I mentioned accuracy before. Accuracy is basically whether or not you hit or miss the mob. The more you hit the mob the better, problem is you can’t accurately tell how much accuracy you have by simply eye balling or estimating. It takes a parse to precisely tell you this. What is a parse anyway? In Final Fantasy XI, there’s a log that tells you every action you do. A parse is a separate program that runs and records this log, takes the numbers, and mathematically organizes them into a certain format for the consumer. In layman’s terms, it’s a fancy way to accurately tell you how everyone is measuring up.

Parsing has greatly benefited my performance in FFXI, but has also pointed out glaring errors of other people I play with. For example in the parse above, Masamune our Dark Knight rarely ever casts spells and now I can prove it. It also proves that he needs to completely rethink how he plays dark knight as he got completely outclassed by everyone hitting the mob.

So this short,  but sweet introduction to parsing has hopefully helped you realize that Final Fantasy XI is serious business. Many people take this game to a whole new level most people would never think of. Parsing helps distinguish the difference between casual play and a serious player. Now, that’s not to say you can still have fun. It’s just parsing helps you make more informed decisions about how to gear, what to do right, and what you’re doing wrong. It’s your own personal Google waiting for you to run it.

The Misadventures of Allakhazam! 04/16/2010

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In case you’re wondering, “What the hell is that?!”, that my friends is 50 posts of pure gold within the spam of 20 minutes. Tijet and I together put together 100 posts quoting in its entirety the Like a boss! song by Lonely Island in the Lakshmi forums. It was epic. Bards will sing about us, bards.

Week 1 – Omega Fail! 04/11/2010

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Today was the first time my Limbus group Celestial Guardians took on Omega in over a month. As you may have inferred, it was a complete disasterl. No one is to blame really, but there were a few factors that contributed to our downfall.

As you know, at 25% of it’s HP you must kite Omega around the arena for fear of getting your face lasered off. For those unfamiliar with what I just said, basically you run around in a path to keep a monster from attacking you, this is kiting. Think about a person holding a string attached to a kite. When you fly a kite, you have to keep it at a certain height or it will fall to the ground. Now apply this concept to video games, but instead of a kite you now have a rampaging monster trying to eat you. You must keep him at a certain distance or you will die. Are you with me?

Instead of easing our way to the 25% HP mark then transitioning onto the kiting portion of the fight, our group rushed Omega to 18% HP. This wouldn’t be an issue, except normally our mages have enough MP by the 25% HP mark to nuke the rest of Omega’s health away. Anyway, I realized Omega needed to be kited and began running him around the arena when he decides to laser shower me, resulting in my death. Lago takes over for me in kiting, he also get his face eaten which leads to something akin to this:

Ahh.. good times. Better luck next week. Also a Bard this time would help…a lot.

Blue Mage

Recently I had a chance to do some spell farming for my Blue Mage. However, a change in pace was in order instead of my usual solo endeavor. Lago also has a Blue Mage around my level and need a multitude of spells. We teamed up and I got extremely lucky. I went 1/1 on two spells: Awful Eye and Frightful Roar. Lago unfortunately didn’t have the exact same luck but eventually we did get him Awful Eye.

All in all it was a nice way to kill some time and I got to know Lago a bit better than just an acquaintance from my Limbus linkshell.

Slight shift in format 04/11/2010

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So I am now in a class called, “Copywriting for PR”. It’s a class focused on how to write professionally for websites, booklets, press releases etc. In this class we’re required to keep a blog for 11 weeks about any subject as long as it stays on theme. My teacher approved my existing blog as long as I don’t throw in a stream of consciousness and blab about random things.

So, since this is a blog primarily focusing on the MMO – Final Fantasy XI I will be tasked to stay on that theme and my misadventures therein. Lastly, my writing needs to be more professional and constructive so that will account for the change in tone and bigger words.

All this is to say if you see a post titled Week X – Blah Blah Blah, that will be my post for school. So without further ado let the posting begin!

Blue mage is awesome! 04/06/2010

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So I’ve been kinda down that I haven’t been able to get a party for awhile. You know with all the spell farming and stuff I gotta do to make sure my Blue Mage is at an adequate level it’s hard to just pick up a party and put a few levels on. Well the last two days have completely thrown that idea out the window and gave it a big “FUCK YOU!” I’ve gotten 8 levels in the last two days, it’s insane. Not only now do I have  a shit-ton of spell farming that I’m going to completely ignore and not do,  but my blue magic skill is not a blue number and that makes me a sad panda. Also, before I forget, I want to send a big shout out to Sonnus and Tijet for helping me get a couple blue magic spells the other day. It helped me out a ton guys so thanks.

I’m back in school again, which sucks….a lot. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are now dedicated to make my life suck a bit. Oh well such is life. Honestly, it wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for my Monday class. I have to find a real world client and then cater to a bunch of shittacular rules to pass a class. Awesome isn’t it?!

Trial of the Magians 03/27/2010

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School is finally over!!……for a week. With that out of the way I figure I’d post my latest misadventures.

Trial of the Magians is the new augment system released for FFXI and I have to say I’m actually amazed it’s not completely fucked up. It’s still annoying and tedious as listening to your mother-in-law, but still tolerable. Tolerable because a.) Everyone gets a chance at a multi-attacking weapon and b.) Because of this bad boy:

So I guess I’ll know what I’ll be working on for the next month or two. forever.

U-verse will be coming to my house next week so I finally won’t have to *cough*borrow*cough* a connection. Odude hooked me up with Tekken 6 for $18 flat! So far playing it has rocked my world as everything is completely different and I play like a complete fucking noob, especially against this guy

I mean the dude is bigger than the fucking screen and you expect me to kill him?

The other thing that’s been completely preoccupying me is Mass Effect 2. What can I say? I dig blue women voiced by Carrie-Ann Moss. I ended up changing my Shepherd from Sentinel to Infiltrator, back to Sentinel again after learning I didn’t have to be stuck with a SMG the whole game. Overall it’s been a blast and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t picked it up. Well, that’s the long and short of what’s been going on lately. As more details come in I’ll update everyone, back to you chuck.

Then and now 03/19/2010

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This is then

This is now.

Lets just start off by saying that OMG! It’s like I’m playing an entirely different game. This is FFXI!? Good god. Not only am I running at full spec without even blinking an eye at my memory usage, but I don’t think I’ve dropped below 30FPS yet. My laptop would on average run 9-14FPS at the lowest possible settings it was god awful. That reminds me, I have a shadow now….oh oh! And when I hit monsters, numbers appear above their heads…wait for it…..and my computer won’t crash! Why didn’t I do this so much sooner?

The only caveat is that it was a bitch to:

a.) Download FFXI for 10 hours

b.) Serious pain in the ass to get my PS3 controller to work for Windows 7.

-Involved putting Windows in Test mode

-Turning off device driver verification

-Downloading two programs

-Following about 20 steps to do correctly

But it’s all done now and I’m a happy Galka. I’ll be posting many more screenshots from now on, so get used to it!

Assault Checklist 03/18/2010

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We’ve been talking about it for God knows how long and now we’ve finally caught the bug. Our group Auriga, did only one assault today due to time constraints but I’m thinking we’re going to power through all the assault in record time if our record with low-manning things has to say anything.

Also I’d like to say thanks to Samhain for making this lovely assault checklist. Finally, tomorrow I’ll be getting my new computer! YAYYY!!  I’ll let you know how everything turns out.