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Assault Checklist 03/18/2010

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We’ve been talking about it for God knows how long and now we’ve finally caught the bug. Our group Auriga, did only one assault today due to time constraints but I’m thinking we’re going to power through all the assault in record time if our record with low-manning things has to say anything.

Also I’d like to say thanks to Samhain for making this lovely assault checklist. Finally, tomorrow I’ll be getting my new computer! YAYYY!!  I’ll let you know how everything turns out.


Dawn of a new era 03/12/2010

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You see that thing right there? No not there. Right here! Above this text! That’s my new computer I just ordered today, the HP Pavilion Elite 150t with Intel Core i5 2.66 Ghz, 8Gb of RAM, ATI Radeon 4850 Graphics Card, and a monitor to boot. I have to tell you, I’ve been waiting forever to finally get a decent computer. Funny story, I was actually going to go with a Dell computer but right when I was about to buy it the $400 off promotion had expired. That was a deal breaker so fuck you Dell, yay HP!

The shit kicker to this whole story is I have to wait till next month for it to ship to me. T_T

New blog header…if you didn’t notice already 02/26/2010

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I spent fucking hours on that thing in this program I downloaded called GIMP. Great program once you get used to it, basically it’s an open source photoshop. Well, hope you like it and btw, I’ll be back in FFXI by Tuesday at the latest so here’s till then!

Edit: Decided I’d show off a bit of what I learned at GimpTalk.com

Miss me yet? 02/19/2010

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Thought I’d share this, as I found it hilarious and sadly true. However, as much as I miss this guy, it’s time for something new. The conservative movement doesn’t need fony republicans, it needs actual conservatives in office doing what they do best, limit the power of government and preserve the vision of our founding fathers.

Papyrus Sucks 02/04/2010

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It’s everywhere. It’s on your favorite band, it’s on your clothes, and even on a basket. This font is a murderer of originality and I intend to boycott anyone who chooses to use it. Here is the offender:

Basically what happens is when people design a logo or something for a company that involves type. They choose from default fonts on their computer and think this font is cool. It’s got a grungy look to it! If this is what you think, kill yourself. I know I know, I’m being harsh. The thing is my typography teachers literally slaughtered any student on the spot if this font was ever used.

The reason why you should never use this font is because there’s only one viable use for it. Something Egyptian or something that actually uses actual papyrus. Everything else it’d be better to use some sort of Sans Serif or Slab serif font. You know get creative and experiment, just don’t use the default fonts on your computer if you can.

/rant off

So what’s new? 02/01/2010

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Sorry for the inconsistency of  my updates but, honestly I live an inconsistent lifestyle so it’s par for the course. Couple interesting things have been happening lately and I wanted to share my thoughts.


Customer Support Survey by Playonline I find absolutely hilarious as I fully expect Square-Enix to get a major ass reaming by the fan base for their shitacular fanfuckingtastic support. Now that I’ve entered a few new curse words into the urban dictionary, we’ll move on to the Mog Bonanza!!!…..which I couldn’t participate in because of activating my account the exact date AFTER marbles were done being sold. Le sigh.  However, I found a hi-res shot of the Shadow Lord Statue that I’m sure everyone has now (except me).

Also click here to notice that Ninurta’s Sash has sprung up in some bazaar’s ranging all the way up to 300m gil. That’s like….a relic and a half.

Blue Mage

I’ve been having a lot of fun with blue mage. Gotten to level 40 so far, missing a few spells, but I feel LIKE A GOD (only I have a tail and apparently I’m blue?) Self SC and MB is just wrong as far as I can tell. You know what else is wrong? I have more mp at level 40 than my 75 PLD does with gear and merits. Now you can see why I love this job so much???? THE MP OF COURSE!! It’s like giving a rare, aged whisky to an alcoholic. Hopefully, it continues to be awesome as I’m sure it will be if I only could get a party invite.


If you don’t know me I’ll be up front about who I am. I am a conservative through and through. Extremist liberals would interpret this as ZOMG-NEO-CON-RIGHTWING-BUSHTARD, but that would be a lie. I look up to Ronald Reagan as the third-best president we ever had, Washington holds the title of the best. George Washington had the courage to step down after two terms even when everyone wanted him in power. He still remains the torch bearer of our founding principles of limited government.

Also, I frequently listen to talk radio, Mark Levin being my favorite host. He is a constitutional lawyer that used to work in Reagan’s administration and really knows his stuff. Anywho enough about me, I’ll touch on that later should it become pertinent.

The United States is shipping out some anti-missile ships to Iran to tell them to cool their jets with the whole “We’re making nuclear energy not missiles” crap we consistently hear. This move is mostly so Israel doesn’t blow up Iran first, also because should Iran fire a missile at say Saudi Arabia we would be ready to protect our interests. Link to the story.

Also here’s a few other stories I thought were interesting:

Avatar passes $2 billion mark

Scientist crack HIV/AIDS puzzle for drugs

Obama to take on college football rules

Bankers in favor of Global Tax

In those last two if you ask me, the government needs to keep its dirty mitts out of our lives and spend their energy in actually paying off its debts. I digress though. Well hopefully this will tide over my what…6 readers till next time.

Faith is… 01/19/2010

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Just watched “The Book of Eli” and I have to say it had a great message to it. You can sum the whole movie up in one lil conversation Eli has with Solara.

Solara: You say you’ve been walking for 30 years? You ever think maybe you were lost?

Eli: No

S: “How do you know you are walking in the right direction?”

E: “I walk by faith, not by sight”

S: “What does that mean?”

E: It means that you know somethin, even if you don’t know somethin

S: That doesn’t make any sense

E: It doesn’t have to make sense it’s faith it’s faith….it’s the flower of light in the field of darkness givin me the strength to carry on.

S: Is that from the book (referring to the bible he’s carrying)

E: No..that’s Johnny Cash live from Folsom Prison

Christmas Misadventures 01/06/2010

Posted by Dynas in Real Life.

Sorry for the hiatus, however being elsewhere in a foot of snow in a house so old the electrical outlets don’t even have 3 plugins, send their regards. Anywho, now for pictures!

Lastly, in light of the new year I would like everyone to know something special…