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Salvage Checklist 12/15/2009

Posted by Dynas in FFXI, Salvage.
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It seems every Salvage I attend I forget SOMETHING. No matter how hard I try. So in response I am writing up this checklist. Enjoy.

   a.) Did you forget to sub Samurai?
2.) Get all related job equipment
   a.) Bring Reraise earring
   b.) Oils and powders
   c.) Bring Joyeuse and Sentinel Shield
3.) Exit Moghouse
   a.) Did you forget anything?
   b.) Go back and get what you forgot
4.) Warp to Whitegate
   a.) Did you forget to warp to Whitegate?
5.) Get Sanction
   a.) Get Regen from NPC to help mages.
6.) ** Get your permit **
7.) Double check if you forgot anything
   a.) Fucking triple check it while your at it.
8.) Warp to Nyzul Isle
9.) Meet group at predetermined sacrificial area
10.) Use Reraise
   a.) Did you forget to use Reraise?
11.) Commence with sacrifice Salvage

First Post! 12/11/2009

Posted by Dynas in FFXI, Salvage.
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We did another Salvage run today, which I was late for…again. This time it was because I forgot my permit. I swear I’m surprised my group hasn’t publicly crucified me yet. Also, I got Kparser to FINALLY work after harassing the creator for a few weeks. Used it in Salvage today and found that I’m actually quite useful, parsed within 2% of Odude on his Samurai which personally I think is negligible due to the fact he gets weapon and abilities early and I R0’d at least 10 times if not more.

Thankfully, Salvage was merciful and generous today and Odude got his 35 Usukane piece to drop. Congratulations broseph.