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Week 3 – When it gets boring 05/05/2010

Posted by Dynas in FFXI, Limbus.

This was my highlight for the week. After waiting a few years for these I finally obtained a pair of Homam Gambieras. Ever since this though things have been getting somewhat stagnant lately. Mostly it’s due to trying to level Blue Mage.

I knew that it was going to be difficult due it’s unpopularity in parties, but good grief this is ridiculous. I’ve gotten to the point where I would set a stopwatch to see how long it would take to get an invite. Usually I get to the point to where I wait so long the stopwatch starts telling me to give up.

Because of this, I’ve had to resort to soloing much of my experience points. On one hand it’s a nice change of pace from the monotonous grind I’m used to in parties. On the other hand, it’s slow xp and eventually becomes a monotonous grind. Ironic isn’t it?

So, this slow pacing has got me into a boorish mood and I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to spice things up. Allow me to clarify my meaning. I’ve been playing FFXI since 2006 and the game presents little challenge anymore outside of the big monsters.

Go kill big monsters then! Sound logic in theory, in practice it’s more drama than you think it is. To take down the big monsters you need a big group. Which entails sending an application, appropriating certain hours of your day to sit down and play, and dedicate yourself enough to the group to earn a drop. It’s almost like a second job.

My group that I run with is small, but we laugh together and are skilled enough to take down most things. This is fine for 85% of the game, but my problem is I’ve been there, done that, got a t-shirt, and regurgitated it over and over again. It’s time to do bigger and better things.

Thank God Chewzer agrees with me and wants to do the same. Chewzer wants to start Auriga Linkshell up again to do these very things. All I can say is God speed to you Chewzer, and May the 4th be with you.


Week 1 – Omega Fail! 04/11/2010

Posted by Dynas in FFXI, Limbus.
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Today was the first time my Limbus group Celestial Guardians took on Omega in over a month. As you may have inferred, it was a complete disasterl. No one is to blame really, but there were a few factors that contributed to our downfall.

As you know, at 25% of it’s HP you must kite Omega around the arena for fear of getting your face lasered off. For those unfamiliar with what I just said, basically you run around in a path to keep a monster from attacking you, this is kiting. Think about a person holding a string attached to a kite. When you fly a kite, you have to keep it at a certain height or it will fall to the ground. Now apply this concept to video games, but instead of a kite you now have a rampaging monster trying to eat you. You must keep him at a certain distance or you will die. Are you with me?

Instead of easing our way to the 25% HP mark then transitioning onto the kiting portion of the fight, our group rushed Omega to 18% HP. This wouldn’t be an issue, except normally our mages have enough MP by the 25% HP mark to nuke the rest of Omega’s health away. Anyway, I realized Omega needed to be kited and began running him around the arena when he decides to laser shower me, resulting in my death. Lago takes over for me in kiting, he also get his face eaten which leads to something akin to this:

Ahh.. good times. Better luck next week. Also a Bard this time would help…a lot.

Blue Mage

Recently I had a chance to do some spell farming for my Blue Mage. However, a change in pace was in order instead of my usual solo endeavor. Lago also has a Blue Mage around my level and need a multitude of spells. We teamed up and I got extremely lucky. I went 1/1 on two spells: Awful Eye and Frightful Roar. Lago unfortunately didn’t have the exact same luck but eventually we did get him Awful Eye.

All in all it was a nice way to kill some time and I got to know Lago a bit better than just an acquaintance from my Limbus linkshell.