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Final Class Blog: This Past Week 06/09/2010

Posted by Dynas in FFXI.

This past week has been quite a barrel of monkeys. With the upcoming updates coming this June and SE teasing us left and right with little tidbits it’s been maddening! Marbles for the bonanza ended two days ago so unlike the last few years, I actually bought some. Only because though, I forgot the last few times, or was extremely broke. Cross your fingers and hope for the best I suppose.

What else is new? Phane came back on the other day, while drunk, and we all decided we should do some Maze Mongers. Now everyone in the Ventrilo is completely hooked on it….at least for sub-job leveling. It’s like what..30 minutes and you get 4-6k exp in one go? That is pure win my friends for lower levels. I remember in an earlier post I leveled 4 times in 6 go’s on Blue Mage doing this.

Speaking of Blue Mage, I’m at level 63 now and finally have access to Frenetic Rip. First time I go out and use it I pop a 441 Frenetic Rip, followed by a 500+ one using Chain Affinity. Needless to say, I’m now hooked on it and this spell alone has cemented my love for everything Blue Mage.

Lastly, there’s a screenshot contest for FFXI I’m thinking of entering. Took a crap ton of shots in Grauberg (above is one of them) and they all came out pretty nice. I think in my next post I’m going to post the ones I like and get some feedback from everyone. Anywho, I gotta run. Till next time gang!



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