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Week 7: Back in the day 06/02/2010

Posted by Dynas in FFXI.

I was reading Allakhazam’s forums earlier and a thread made me reminisce on all the hilariously, stupid things we all did back when we first started playing. I’ll be honest I don’t remember as much as I’d like to from when I first started playing this game, but a lot of it comes to mind when I think hard enough.

I remember when Leondimas, Lsbknives, and myself all started a Paladin-only linkshell dedicated to helping Paladins and organizing Paladin related events. Didn’t work out so well and only lasted so long, but the bonds of friendship I made in that linkshell remain even today, 4 years later.

I remember when Lsbknives told me about DD Paladin and how I thought it odd at first but I knew it was the right thing after all my research on other forums and reading material I combed through. I started out so poor. (I still am poor -.-) I actually combed through some of my old Allakhazam posts where I was looking for advice on what to farm to buy a 1.5 million gil Haubergeon.

The things I take for granted now I was striving so hard to get. I guess all this reminiscing goes to show if you work hard enough, and you keep moving forward nothing can stop you.



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