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I’M BACK 10/01/2010

Posted by Dynas in FFXI.


I must say though these past 46 days while hell financially have been kinda nice to take a break from FFXI. Didn’t have to worry about being at a certain spot in FFXI on time or not get points for x item. It’s been nice to worry about actual real life things like projects and finals. But now I’m back and I intend to do whatever the fuck I want and have fun doing it.


Racism in FFXI 07/23/2010

Posted by Dynas in FFXI.
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In this day and age you would think racism would be a thing of the past. I mean when Martin Luther Galka Jr. gave his speech in the Third age of Vana’diel you would think an issue like this would be behind us. In all seriousness though this is something that’s been bothering me ever since I picked my race 4 years ago. Taunts like smelly, fatty, no penis is all childish, retarded, and uncalled for. “But Dynas, it’s just a joke.” At one point I believed this. I can take a few but when it’s over and over repeated badgering there’s something amiss.

Anduril recently provoked me into one of these types of discussions with a friend of mine about how it’s just constant picking on of Galka. Tijet also pointed out that Tarus also get their fair share of torment as well too. What can be done to stop this? My only plan of recourse is to keep insisting that this is not funny and to be dead serious about it. Otherwise people will never know the harm they are causing.

Corsairs are taking over Vanadiel 07/18/2010

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This is for chew on his off-days when he was second on the parse in a Kirin zerg.

Disturbing is your lack of update 07/11/2010

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If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been up to no good for these past few weeks. Had the house to myself for 10 days, got accepted into Anduril, got drunk on Independence Day, smoked a couple stogies, good times my friends. Recently, I got to try my first Jailer of Love as Warrior which turned out to be a lot of fun, well as fun as tentacle rape can be. We ended up killing him twice (despite the screenshot), and AV popped twice as well to all dismay. AV repeatedly spearfucked everyone in the Linkshell with much delight.

The other thing that interested me was the fact that our PLD tanked JoL as PLD/DRK. What’s interesting is not that it’s unusual in fact it’s logical considering the RDM nerf. The fact is that even without any considerable form of CE generation, you can still do well enough with VE abilities. However, Square does need to add some sort of CE abilities or spells for PLD because as of now damage and curing are the only forms of CE generation.

Applying for Anduril 06/20/2010

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Well now that my class is over, I can finally have my blog the way I want it again. Things have been pretty damn busy the past few weeks: birthdays, graduations, cuban cigars, forgetting an assault tag…busy busy! Last post I talked about how awesome MMM was, I wasn’t kidding. Holy shit is MMM great for low levels. I went from 37-41 in less than 2 hours. I’m officially hooked. Only problem is, everyone and their mother is hooked on it too. I think it’s time we nuke Japan again, that’ll teach them to screw with my MMM.

Lastly, I’m applying for Anduril, an endgame LS. They mainly do Einherjar, smaller HNM’s, ZNM’s, all the shit I want to do for short. Pic above related, it’s my avatar on their site and it’s made quite the impression. Lets hope my app is good enough to get me in!

Final Class Blog: This Past Week 06/09/2010

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This past week has been quite a barrel of monkeys. With the upcoming updates coming this June and SE teasing us left and right with little tidbits it’s been maddening! Marbles for the bonanza ended two days ago so unlike the last few years, I actually bought some. Only because though, I forgot the last few times, or was extremely broke. Cross your fingers and hope for the best I suppose.

What else is new? Phane came back on the other day, while drunk, and we all decided we should do some Maze Mongers. Now everyone in the Ventrilo is completely hooked on it….at least for sub-job leveling. It’s like what..30 minutes and you get 4-6k exp in one go? That is pure win my friends for lower levels. I remember in an earlier post I leveled 4 times in 6 go’s on Blue Mage doing this.

Speaking of Blue Mage, I’m at level 63 now and finally have access to Frenetic Rip. First time I go out and use it I pop a 441 Frenetic Rip, followed by a 500+ one using Chain Affinity. Needless to say, I’m now hooked on it and this spell alone has cemented my love for everything Blue Mage.

Lastly, there’s a screenshot contest for FFXI I’m thinking of entering. Took a crap ton of shots in Grauberg (above is one of them) and they all came out pretty nice. I think in my next post I’m going to post the ones I like and get some feedback from everyone. Anywho, I gotta run. Till next time gang!

Week 7: Back in the day 06/02/2010

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I was reading Allakhazam’s forums earlier and a thread made me reminisce on all the hilariously, stupid things we all did back when we first started playing. I’ll be honest I don’t remember as much as I’d like to from when I first started playing this game, but a lot of it comes to mind when I think hard enough.

I remember when Leondimas, Lsbknives, and myself all started a Paladin-only linkshell dedicated to helping Paladins and organizing Paladin related events. Didn’t work out so well and only lasted so long, but the bonds of friendship I made in that linkshell remain even today, 4 years later.

I remember when Lsbknives told me about DD Paladin and how I thought it odd at first but I knew it was the right thing after all my research on other forums and reading material I combed through. I started out so poor. (I still am poor -.-) I actually combed through some of my old Allakhazam posts where I was looking for advice on what to farm to buy a 1.5 million gil Haubergeon.

The things I take for granted now I was striving so hard to get. I guess all this reminiscing goes to show if you work hard enough, and you keep moving forward nothing can stop you.

New Skin 05/24/2010

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What do you guys think? Love it, hate it? What specifically do you like or hate about it and I’ll see if I can reasonably accomadate.

What I like about it most is the simplicity about it. I enjoy how the text defines the edges rather than an arbitrary line. Still working on a header that I like well enough and aligning it correctly.

Week 6: What Defines an MMO? 05/23/2010

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What defines a MMO?  This is the question that was brought up in a recent article I read on Allakhazam’s website today.The author felt that an ever persisting world was one of the “traditional” and mostly main requirement to fulfill the definition of an MMO. I feel somewhat differently.

Whether it be a MMORPG, MMORTS, MMOFPS, or whatever 3 letter acronym you can tack on to MMO, I do believe there are certain criteria involved with labeling something as such.

It’s true that consoles games with online multiplayer are quite the norm nowadays, but I believe that hardly makes them MMO’s. Sure you’re playing across the globe in a game that many people are playing, but are they all playing in the same world at once?

This is the factor that defines the MMO experience for me, many players playing at once in the same world. 16-32 multiplayer frag fests do not a MMO make. If you’re going to call something an MMO you should be able to do something with hundreds of other players in the same world.

The only other requisite I would place on defining an MMO experience is the ability to communicate in some sort of meaningful way. You can’t really get to know the guy that headshotted you with a sniper from across the map really well, nor would you want to.

In an environment with hundreds of players all competing, sharing, and experiencing the same things community must be an integral part. Without a community to interact with and get to know, MMO’s by default will fail. Why do you think FFXI has survived so long?

Week 5: Four Years 05/19/2010

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After four years now, I’ve come to realize how far I’ve really come. I started as a noob like everyone else struggling to get through the dunes. I remember when the DD’s started coming into their own and I was helpless to do much of anything except mash my Cover button and pray for the mob’s death. I remember when I first heard about DD Paladin tanking and how I was completely on board with it. I didn’t resist it and stick to the old VIT and DEF methods of 2004.

Since that day 4 years ago, when I first leveled Paladin, I’ve been drooling over the gear you see above. Unfortunately some pieces like Valor Surcoat are out of date and aren’t as useful as they once were. However, all my Homam I recently acquired within the span of two weeks (insane I know) will see a ginormous amount of use.

Still though, it’s amazing how far I’ve come in these four years, for better or worse. I’ve switched systems 3 times now from Xbox 360, to my crappy laptop, and now to this beautiful new computer. I remember having to e-mail myself screenshots from Playonline for the website I used to maintain for a Sky Linkshell. Now I can hit the Print Screen button and instantly upload it wherever I want.

I remember many of the people I’ve met in FFXI. The people are what make this game so great. I seriously doubt it would have the lifespan it currently entertains if the community wasn’t there to constantly support it. Some of my friends I met when I first started are still around like Leondimas and Lsbknives my mentor. Some friends have left for other reasons, like Brokenhelmet. And some friends became complete assholes and ran off with the linkshell bank.

Then there’s now, I’m glad to have the friends I have now like Samhain, Chewzer, Shurikenger, Odude, and all the Ventrilo gang. Not because they’ve helped me get so many of the things I’ve wanted for years, but more for their companionship.

Playing FFXI with these guys makes it worth coming back to every day to see what kind of new adventure we can concoct in our cockamamie brains of ours. All this waxing eloquent makes me want to pose a question to the readers here.

What things do you remember most dearly about FFXI and what keeps you coming back?